How ROVVER X’s Quick-Change Wheels Made Our Sewer Inspections Easier

Posted by Jordan Fues on Mar 29, 2022

Driving an inspection crawler through sewers is challenging work in of itself. But when the equipment isn't built well, the task becomes even harder. No sewer pro wants to waste time fiddling with bolts and losing screws to swap out wheels and adjust inspection crawler height. Throw in a pair of heavy work gloves and uncooperative weather, and a regular day in the field can become a real hassle.

Enter ROVVER X: the adaptable sewer inspection platform known for its efficiency and ease-of-use. The system’s unique, quick-change wheels are expertly crafted to attach and detach with no tools required. And with 12 available wheel treads and sizes, ROVVER X can confidently take on inspections of 6”-96” diameter pipe. These customers detail how their sewer inspection workflows benefit from ROVVER X’s specialized wheel design.

Saving Time for What's ImportantAdvanced Underground Sewer Inspection Truck

Michigan-based Advanced Underground is known for offering a wide range of rehabilitation services and using specialized, cutting-edge equipment. The contractor works with some of the largest lining contractors in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. When it was time to invest in a lateral launch crawler, the Advanced Underground crew looked at a variety of systems before purchasing the ROVVER X SAT II crawler

"I’ve used many different crawlers throughout my career,” notes project superintendent Aaron Esquibel. “The ROVVER X is very well-designed and features like the quick-change wheels add to our efficiency when we’re out in the field.”

Esquibel’s 15+ years in the wastewater industry have taught him how essential high-quality technology is in his line of work. ROVVER X’s quick-change wheels don’t require any tools and only take seconds to replace. And for one-stop shops like Advanced Underground, efficiency is everything. The ROVVER X system’s wheels save time on every job, allowing the team to focus on their rehab work.

Regular Care for Regular Wear

Raleigh Sewer Maintenance Unit

Sticking with a preventative maintenance program has many benefits: increased uptime, longer-lasting equipment and more savings because of the infrequency of serious repairs. The Raleigh Department of Transportation’s Sewer Maintenance Unit (SMU) follows its weekly preventative maintenance plan to a T for these very reasons. 

“When you perform weekly preventative maintenance … the crew recognizes any issue before it becomes a big problem,” explains Don Hickman, SMU’s CCTV operations crew supervisor. 

By nipping small defects like tears or lost screws in the bud, SMU avoids frequently repairing and replacing its gear. This decreased downtime gives the crew the bandwidth to take on more rehab projects. 

And SMU has found that with the right equipment, preventative maintenance does not have to be an arduous process.

ROVVER X is particularly easy to maintain,” Hickman says. “Design attributes like easy wheel removal and quarter turn locks for components make maintaining the system simple and quick.”

This simple wheel design helps the SMU crew work smarter, not harder. 

Tele-Vac_Environmental_RVX_SAT_II_Setup_and_Operators-3024x2268Opening New Doors

The sewer services pros at Tele-Vac Environmental recognize the importance of sticking with the times. 

“We stay on top by getting the sharpest tools in the toolbox,” says Tele-Vac president and CEO Joe McCauley. “Instead of staying stagnant and comfortable, we look to see if there are better products out there.” 

So when McCauley decided to invest in a new lateral launch system, he was eager to explore his options. McCauley soon came across the ROVVER X SAT II lateral launch crawler from Envirosight. Right off the bat, he was impressed with the system’s quick-release wheel change capability. 

He remarked, “How many times have we lost the little bolt on the wheels for our older [lateral launch] system?” 

McCauley purchased a unit and hasn’t looked back since.

A Productivity Powerhouse

Jake Mason, founder of Mason Private Locating company (MPL), appreciates the ease of use that comes with Envirosight’s ROVVER X SAT II lateral launch crawlers.

Mason Private Locating

“With the quick-change wheels, if you need to change your setup, it’s all toolless,” Mason says. 

As MPL’s customer base grows, the contractor relies more and more heavily on its equipment’s ability to complete a variety of jobs. ROVVER X SAT II’s versatile wheels are simple to maneuver and adapt to changing inspection needs, whatever they may be.

“You just use your hands to pop them on and off instead of spending 15 minutes re-setting up your camera every time you need to make a change.” he explains. “That alone, the productivity of it, makes us a lot more efficient on job sites.”

Flexibility and productivity go hand in hand with ROVVER X SAT II’s wheels. The toolless setup quickly reconfigures the lateral launch crawler as often as necessary. 

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