Why You Need Sewer Rehab Equipment Training

Posted by Katie Breeden on May 7, 2019 8:13:00 AM

PRT IMS Nano Demonstration and TrainingWhen purchasing sewer rehabilitation equipment, research the training offered by your vendor. There’s nothing like spending good money on tools and then not being able to use them to their fullest potential. While you can often expect a learning curve, you should never invest in new equipment without being guaranteed support and training. Knowing how to properly run and maintain your equipment will keep it functioning well, prevent excessive downtime and keep your crew safe.

Who Will Conduct Training

Some vendors have a designated support and training team, while others, like PRT, have sales representatives so well-versed in equipment that they can lead training sessions. In both cases, an expert will be able to show you the ropes. However, you are at an advantage when your salesperson is also your trainer. Because this individual is the person who helped you select the equipment in the first place, they will already be familiar with the specific needs of your organization. From understanding the nuances of your rehabilitation projects to managing the work style of your team, having a working relationship with the individual providing training is a major plus.

Where Will Training Take Place

Vendors often host open houses where they conduct product demos and other educational sessions. These experiences can be helpful during the buying process because you can see the equipment in action, talk with representatives in person and even test out the equipment. However, these events are not substantial enough to qualify as true training sessions. You should have a trainer’s full attention and a good learning environment for effective training. Ideally, training will include an in-the-field portion on your own work site. The trainer can help set up your equipment, show you how to use it, and then assist while your crew tries it for the first time. On-site training is especially important because your team can ask questions and get familiar with the equipment so they feel more confident when using the new tools on their own.

An Investment in the Future

While there may be fees associated with training, well-organized vendors can build this cost into the purchase of the equipment. Some vendors will deliver your new equipment and provide training at the same time. Other times you may be able to coordinate training with used equipment before your order is delivered, so you can get to work as soon as it’s in. The exact price will depend on your location and vendor policy.

Training is its own type of insurance. It means your team will be able to use equipment correctly, reduce downtime and get to work. Knowing that additional training is an option also gives you piece of mind should you ever hire on new operators or need assistance for other applications..

Ultimately you should receive a high return on investment when you purchase sewer rehabilitation equipment. One way to guarantee this is by finding a vendor who will be able to assist with on-site training, so you and your team can comfortably and confidently learn how to work your new gear. On-site training gives your team a solid foundation for adjusting to the equipment, whether it’s brand new or familiar. Pipeline Renewal Technologies offers a comprehensive training program for the initial start up, with the possibility of in-depth follow-up sessions. To learn more about our training options or to set up additional sewer rehabilitation equipment learning opportunities for your team, get in touch!

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