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Posted by Jordan Fues on Jun 13, 2022 9:15:00 AM
SpeedyLight+ CIPP

“Game changer.” That’s how Travis Savy, technical director of the pipe lining division at Savy & Sons, describes SpeedyLight+ light curing system for CIPP.

The Amston, CT-based contractor uses the system for a wide range of jobs: “On commercial buildings, underground, throughout multi-floor buildings with pipes, roof drains, sewer stacks, and all the way down to underground service laterals and mainlines,” Savy explains. 

On one recent project, the Savy & Sons teams used SpeedyLight+ to help a homeowner tackle cracks, root infiltrations and offsets in a line under a garage. Another day they rehabbed a lateral for a new high-rise under construction. And on yet another, they relined a series of failing cast iron roof drains. “We’re using it as much as we can,” Savy explains.

A Family Business

Taking on these diverse jobs is par for the course for Savy & Sons. The company offers a range of underground infrastructure capabilities, from wastewater and infrastructure rehabilitation to waterproofing services. Though its team works primarily with commercial industrial clients, it also serves municipalities, engineering firms, nuclear plants and more. 

A third-generation family business, the contractor started out as a masonry company. But when the 2008 recession hit, the current generation of Savys, including Travis, found themselves struggling to find work. The team adopted a long-term career mindset and searched for a stable field to expand their business. After trying their hand at trenchless services, they discovered they had a knack for the industry.

SpeedyLight+ in the Field

As Savy puts it, “We’re underground infrastructure specialists.”

Spotlight on SpeedyLight+

These days, SpeedyLight+ is an essential tool in the company’s toolbox. “We love it,” Savy says of the light-curing system for CIPP. “The crew has more confidence, and it’s lowered stress on lining jobs. To be able to prep offsite for them with the UV resin using our choice of liner is great… Minimizing that time on site has been a game changer.”

SpeedyLight+ helps the team cut down on rehab project duration, saving their customers time and resources and allowing them to take on more jobs.

IMS Small-diameter Cutter

A Partner in Expansion

But Savy & Sons also uses a range of other PRT products in its work, including an IMS robotic cutter and Quick-Lock point repair sleeves. The busy contractor has been expanding, and finding reliable vendors has been important to its success. The contractor has found PRT account manager Nick Sebastian to be a valuable partner. 

“Nick has been awesome,” Savy says. “I have nothing but good things to say about him. He’s always treated us really well, he really has a customer-first mentality.” 

Sebastian also opened the door for the contractor to get to know Envirosight’s CCTV assessment gear, and collaborates with some of Savy & Sons’ other partners. 

After years of working closely together, Savy trusts Sebastian’s advice and appreciates his unwavering support–and unflagging sense of humor. Their tight relationship will undoubtedly keep backing Savy & Sons as the contractor continues to excel.

Speedylight+ changed the game for the team at Savy & Sons. Discover the one-of-a-kind light-based CIPP system today:

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