The Fast Lane: An Inside Look at Envirosight’s Vehicle Build Center

Posted by Jordan Fues on Aug 29, 2022

A Variety of Vehicles

“My favorite part of the job is when a customer asks for a unique feature in their vehicle, and we get to come up with creative solutions to make everything fit together. I like that no two days are the same.” 

Inspection Vehicle Build CenterSteve McDonald is the production supervisor at Envirosight’s inspection vehicle build center in Evans City, PA. His crew of six assembles top-of-the-line inspection vehicles, including Envirosight’s preferred build outs as well as custom trucks. McDonald manages all vehicle builds, making sure that projects stay on track, and constructs elements like Outpost portable inspection enclosures.

 As for the types of vehicles the crew can create?

“We work on so many different chassis that we can build almost any type of truck you can think of!” McDonald says. 

The crew recently built out a parts and service (PSSR) truck for Key Equipment. The truck featured custom elements including “several custom display cabinets with lights inside, a slat wall for small parts, and a sliding rack with cradles to hold two large reels.”

Custom feature requests vary widely across the board, but storage needs reign supreme. “The most common thing we’re asked is to come up with a storage option or fixture to hold some specific tool or piece of equipment that the customer has,” McDonald notes. “For example, our most recent request was for a storage tunnel under a truck that could fit a ten-foot-long ladder.”Inspection Vehicle Builds

The Pennsylvania-based crew strives to find solutions to meet even the most challenging customer needs.

Build Crew Collaboration

While more complicated custom builds are reserved for the crew members with the most experience, the team collaborates on every build, which typically take six to seven days each to complete. 

McDonald explains, “Our whole crew has learned all the aspects of the truck build process. So on individual projects we normally work in teams of two: One person usually works in the truck’s office, while the other one focuses on the work bay area.”

Vehicle Build CenterThat said, the build center pros are constantly taking on new obstacles, expanding their skills as they create innovative solutions for novel construction challenges.

“There’s just no such thing as a ‘normal’ week here,” McDonald says. “It might be a van today and a box truck next week. You never know what’s coming next.”

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