Whitepaper: Zoom Into Sewer Cleaning

Posted by Jordan Fues on Dec 1, 2021

Without looking, there’s no way to know for sure what your sewer cleaning crew will face underground. That makes choosing which jetter nozzle to use mostly a matter of guesswork. And without any pre-inspection visual information on pipe condition, cleaning crews risk wasting their time and money. A 2015 study even found that up to 35% of sewer lines are jetted unnecessarily as part of scheduled cleaning and maintenance. While CCTV crawlers are great inspection tools, they require a lot of manpower and can be pricey to operate on every cleaning job.

Zoom into Cleaning whitepaper

That’s where zoom assessment tools come in. 

Zoom assessment tools such as zoom cameras use illumination and powerful zoom optics to record video of a pipe’s length. This footage enables operators to choose the right nozzle for the job and avoid conducting multiple passes.

Zoom assessment is also a cost-effective option for pre- and post-cleaning inspections. For example, CCTV inspection can cost up to $1.25 per foot to operate, while zoom camera assessment costs just $0.15 per foot. These multi-purpose cameras can also be used for manhole and catch basin inspections, among other functions. 

Download our new whitepaper, Zoom Into Sewer Cleaning: How Zoom Assessment Makes Your Cleaning Crew More Productive, to learn more about the benefits of zoom assessment.

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