What Kind of Data Does Side-scan Sewer Inspection Collect?

Posted by Jordan Fues on May 31, 2022

Side-scanning is an inspection technique utilized in the sewer industry to assess pipe condition. Side-scanning cameras have ultra-wide “fish-eye” lenses that capture 360-degrees of a pipe’s wall, running the entire length of the pipe. 

How Does Side-scanning Work?Side-scan Image

As a side-scanning crawler moves through a pipe, its digital scanner captures footage of the pipe’s walls. Post-inspection, this media is transferred into specialized software that turns the video into flat images. These images replicate the height and length of the crawler to make pipe analysis and defect coding simple. And the flat images files are easier to store and upload than video data, further facilitating remote, digital workflows.

The Benefits of Side-scanning

Side-scanners have diffused lighting that illuminates the sides of pipes, providing a clear view of even the trickiest angles. Side-scanning technology provides operators with a high-quality deliverable that is easy to assess and share, making it great for municipalities or busy contractors. It also has less of a learning curve than regular crawlers do, as side-scanner operators aren’t required to recognize and code defects midway through an inspection the way they are for other crawlers. Instead, scans are handed off to engineers and other experts to complete defect coding post-inspection. 

Digisewer Side-scanningThey also capture data more quickly than regular crawlers because this technology requires no pan, tilt or zoom actions; pipe condition is captured and then assessed in detail post-inspection rather than mid-inspection, saving operators time and energy. In fact, side-scanners such as Envirosight’s Digisewer attachment can capture data at a rate of 70 feet per minute, making it three times faster than regular crawler assessment. And less time underground means that operators can complete more inspections faster, and are exposed to traffic hazards for less time.

Digisewer simply clicks onto your existing ROVVER X sewer inspection system. This attachment has toolless connection and a powerful 80 lamp array, providing high-intensity illumination for scanning larger pipes. 

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