Video: Rapid, Wireless Sewer Assessment — Quickview airHD Zoom Camera

Posted by Olivia Singer on May 6, 2020

The Quickview airHD zoom camera gives operators the ability to rapidly and affordably determine sewer condition. It views deep inside sewer lines and manholes to determine if cleaning, repair or further inspection is needed. With a fast, inexpensive assessment, departments can save resources otherwise spent inspecting or repairing where unnecessary. 

The cable-free system includes a Quad-Haloptic light engine to view as far as 400 feet in larger pipes, plus remote tilt adjustment and laser measurement to determine an object’s distance from the camera head. After connecting Quickview airHD to the Sewerlink app on a tablet, operators can control, view, annotate and playback video, as well as adjust features like light intensity, zoom optics and view centering. Watch Envirosight’s product walkaround video for a closer look at the portable HD zoom camera:



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