Technology Spotlight: ROVVER X’s Six-conductor Cable

Posted by Jordan Fues on Nov 11, 2022

The ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler is known for its smart, rugged design. Each of its components is thoughtfully constructed to guarantee what matters most to operators: lowering resistance to achieve better crawler performance and greater reliability. Nowhere is this more true than with ROVVER X’s cable.

 ROVVER X Six-conductor CableOur lightweight, Kevlar crawler cable, which is available in a 984’ or 1640’ travel range, boasts a 2000-pound break strength. The cable contains only six conductors, as ROVVER X uses advanced digital capabilities to relay HD video, sensor data and critical infrastructure insights to an intuitive controller. A lighter cable means less weight is dragged behind ROVVER as it drives through a pipe, resulting in less resistance, increased maneuverability, and reduced wear and tear on the system as a whole. 

When to Reterminate 

A crawler exerts a lot of force while moving its cable through hazardous underground environments. The crawler cable does a lot of work, and the first few feet of the cable take the brunt of the strain over time. Debris and rough offsets can result in nicks in the cable’s jacketing and require fixes as well. And in extreme situations, a deep enough cut will sever a video connection or a communication line, rendering the crawler unresponsive or disrupting your video signal. When this happens, it’s time to reterminate your cable. But while all crawlers require occasional retermination, Envirosight’s cable design makes the process easy. Operators can perform reterminations in the field as needed, and the entire process takes around 20 minutes. 

ROVVER X Six-conductor Cable

You can learn how to easily reterminate your cable with our step-by-step video guide, which is available here, or reach out to your regional Envirosight dealer for assistance. 

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