Tech Tip: Setting Your SAT System's DCX5000 Controller for Lateral Launch

Posted by Jim Adams on Mar 28, 2016

dcx5000_1.jpgDCX5000 Setup for Lateral Launch (SAT)

The first step in using the DCX5000 for lateral launch applications is to have it set up correctly. To do this, we suggest you create a profile that displays the most commonly used soft keys related to lateral launch functions.

p1.png Lateral Launch Cruise Control – When activated, the launch cable will continuously launch without holding the launch mechanism on the left joystick.
p2.png Aiming Tube Control – When activated the left joystick pans and tilts the aiming tube on the end of the SAT crawler. When de-activated the left joystick pans and tilts the PTP70 camera head.
p3.png Aiming Tube Home Position – When pressed, the aiming tube will return to the home position (0 degree pan and 0 degree tilt).
p4.png When activated, the user can toggle between automatic and manual control of the SAT cable reel.  When de-activated, the user can toggle between automatic and manual control of the crawler cable reel.
p5.png Turns on the locating sonde in the PTP70 camera head.


Setting up a new profile.

Note: You must create a new SAT profile, the DCX_standard cannot be modified.

d1.png 1. Press the Wrench icon.
d2.png 2. Press the Profile icon. Type the name of the new profile and then press the "+".
d3.png 3. Press the Function Assignment icon to change the assignment of functions to the soft keys.
d4.png 4. Press the button to which you want to assign a function.
d5.png 5. Choose the function you want to assign to the button. Continue to assign all buttons to their respective desired functions.
d6.png 6. To save your settings, press the Save icon. 


Example of SAT profile

Individual users can modify this profile to suit their needs.



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