Tackle Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) with Manhole Inspection

Posted by Venay Sehgal Bhatia on Mar 20, 2017

Automated Manhole Inspection SystemManholes are a critical part of every sewer system as they provide necessary ventilation and an access point for cleaning and inspecting sewer lines. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that there are about twenty million manholes in the United States—one manhole for every 400 feet of pavement. Many of these manholes are seriously decayed or in need of immediate rehabilitation or replacement.

Manholes generate a disproportionate amount of inflow and infiltration (I&I) and play a unique role in the structural integrity of roadways. From an operational standpoint, excessive groundwater reduces capacity of the collection system as a whole. From a structural standpoint, deterioration and corrosion within a manhole can cause cave-ins (Water World).

Quickview 360 Manhole Inspection CameraTraditionally, manhole inspection technology has lagged behind the rest of the industry. Now, sewer inspection technology is finally catching up to help us address manhole deterioration. Manhole inspection cameras such as Envirosight’s Quickview 360 can help municipalities and municipal contractors tackle manhole assessment.

Quickview 360 is equipped with twin HD cameras and a laser rangefinder for precision measurement. The system is highly portable and can easily be stored in the back of a pickup. Quickview 360 captures crystal clear, 360-degree video of your assets that wirelessly streams to WinCan sewer inspection software. In WinCan, you can view flat scans of your footage, share and edit your scans or export a printed report and 3D point cloud.

Quickview 360's AI-powered defect and feature coding abilities spare you the grunt work. And the system completes a full manhole scan in five minutes, meaning that your crew can inspect up to 80 manholes per day! It also auto-generates a full inspection report from each scan, providing you with a high-quality deliverable from the get-go. With this detailed data, municipalities and contractors can quickly pinpoint areas of deterioration and corrosion leading to I&I and accurately determine a rehabilitation strategy. 

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