Sewer Inspection Equipment: Rent, Lease, or Buy?

Posted by Venay Sehgal Bhatia on Oct 17, 2016

Should you rent, lease, or buy a sewer camera?Deciding whether to rent, lease or buy sewer inspection equipment is rarely simple. Whether you’re a municipality or a contractor, the decision can heavily impact your bottom line, how you do business and your growth opportunities.

A wide range of considerations impact the decision, such as:

  • Is the equipment essential to your business?
  • What are your available financial resources?
  • How heavily will you use the equipment?
  • What specific features do you require?
  • Have you planned for necessary maintenance and service?
  • Have you anticipated total cost-of-acquisition? (Service, maintenance, interest payments, storage, service life, etc.)

Short-term equipment rental can cut costs and boost productivity—particularly when you need capability on a per-job basis, or when you want to try out a new service offering. Leasing frees up capital. Buying requires capital up-front, but can be the most economical option long-term.

“Sewer Cameras: Rent, Lease or Buy?,” a new white paper from Envirosight, offers an in-depth look at each option. The paper will guide you toward making the decision best suited to your particular needs.

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