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Posted by Envirosight on Apr 22, 2019

Envirosight Celebrates the 49th Earth Day!Today marks the 49th anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement—Earth Day. The first Earth Day in 1970 gave voice to emerging consciousness of the environment, and on April 22 every year since, the United States celebrates this day by looking at how our actions affect the environment. What can the wastewater industry do to participate?

When it comes to sewer cleaning, there’s a sure way to conserve water: jetting smarter. Sewer cleaning requires large quantities of fresh water, as sewers are often cleaned by simply jetting the pipe until the effluent runs clear. A team may waste thousands of gallons to determine that a pipe was clean from the start. Additionally, if the wrong size nozzle is used on the jetter the pipe may require multiple cleaning passes, and water consumption can quickly increase. Jetting smarter by pre-screening sewer pipes can help cut water usage by as much as half.

Using a zoom camera to determine the type of cleaning necessary offers a quick and inexpensive way to conserve water. Zoom cameras show the condition of an entire pipe when lowered into an adjoining manhole and adjusted to the length of the pipe. If the pipe looks clean after a zoom assessment, no jetting is required. If the pipe requires cleaning, the zoom assessment will have helped the operator select the best nozzle to use for the job.

Approaching routine sewer cleaning differently by assessing the pipe’s condition with a zoom camera has many benefits. In addition to saving thousands of gallons of water and providing you with useful information, it saves time and money. Best of all, the process is so simple that it can integrate seamlessly with an existing sewer cleaning workflow, providing all the details needed to make an informed decision with minimal disruption.

Discover how Envirosight’s Quickview zoom camera can help you understand sewer condition rapidly and affordably with high-powered zoom optics. Stop blindly jetting pipes and start using a zoom camera to save time, money and water. Request a demo today!

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