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ROVVER X Sewer Camera Helps Repair Pipe with Quick-Lock Point Repair

Posted by Venay Sehgal Bhatia on Nov 14, 2016

The ROVVER X crawler is known for it's versatility. In addition to recording digital video, generating reports, and adapting to a range of pipe sizes and materials, this powerful sewer inspection system can easily push a Quick-Lock point repair sleeve into position to solve water infiltration. Quick-Lock point repair sleeves repair damaged and leaky sewer pipes without grout, trenching or long cures. Designed for unsurpassed service life, Quick-Lock’s stainless steel construction restores structural strength, while its rubber gasket seals out infiltration. 

Want to learn more? Request an in-field demo, and learn why the Quick-Lock point repair sleeve is the solution of choice for many cities and rehab professionals.  

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