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ROVVER X's Quick-Change Wheels: The Need for Speed

Posted by Venay Sehgal Bhatia on Dec 9, 2015



A full pit stop for one of the race cars at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Missouri takes about 11-14 seconds. Watch as our sales partners at Key Equipment & Supply take the ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler from a 6-inch wheel configuration to an 8-inch wheel configuration in just 30 seconds in a new video.

This patented wheel design from Envirosight allows for easy tool-free changes, so you can streamline crawler set up and cleaning, eliminate the risk of loose bolts, and complete more inspections faster. Each wheel is pressed into a locking hub to attach; to detach, simply press the hub to release the wheel.

ROVVER X quick-change wheels address any combination of pipeline diameter, material and condition to protect equipment and ensure a reliable inspection, no matter the environment underground. With the correct style of wheels, crawler operators can ensure maximum ground clearance and sidewall contact during inspections, all the while limiting camera vibration and enhancing tread grip. Choose from our full range of wheel options to find the best style for the job.

To learn more about the quick-change wheel system and see Envirosight’s ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler in person, schedule a free demo:

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