New Measurement Capabilities With Quickview airHD

Posted by Jacob Wells on Mar 15, 2018
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Laser Rangefinder Accessory for Quickview airHD

Hundreds of municipalities rely on the Quickview airHD to assess sewer condition rapidly and affordably.

Now, this trusted tool can measure the distance to objects observed inside sewer pipes. Users can choose between a free app update that provides quick estimates, or deploy a laser rangefinder accessory for more accurate readings. Knowing the distance to pipe features makes it easier to troubleshoot problems and plan repair work.

Quickview airHD Laser Rangefinder Accessory

  • Ballpark Measurement: The latest version of the Quickview app calculates approximate distance-to-target based on the camera's zoom and focus settings. This measurement appears as a range on the distance gauge at the bottom of the app, with accuracy of about 15%. A ballpark estimate is sufficient for correlating an observation to a particular residence, tree or other above-ground feature.
  • Pinpoint Measurement: A new laser rangefinder accessory mounts to the Quickview airHD housing and plugs into the accessory port. I measures distance to target, which appears as a point on the distance gauge at the bottom of the app, and is accurate to within 0.5%. Pinpoint measurement is ideal for planning rehab or creating reports.

In addition to appearing on the distance gauge, measurements can also be overlaid on video.

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With the debut of original Quickview back in 2001, Envirosight pioneered zoom assessment technology for sewers.

The latest generation of the product, Quickview airHD, captures high-definition (HD) video from sewers, and transmits it over Wi-Fi to a touchscreen tablet for live viewing. The Quickview app grants tablet-users fingertip control of zoom, illumination, and tilt in addition to image capture and video recording/playback/annotation/sharing. And because the camera has motorized tilt, as well as in-manhole centering capability and hands-free stabilization, set-up is quick and easy, and both the operator’s hands remain free to operate the tablet at all times.

At the heart of the new Quickview airHD is an HD zoom camera with 30X optical zoom (plus 12X digital) paired with Envirosight’s new Quad-Haloptic light engine. The camera is tuned to deliver maximum detail from within pipes, and the light engine combines four offset LED/reflector pairs to surround the camera with powerful, focused illumination that is perfectly aligned for maximum range and optimum viewing.

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