Quick-Lock Point Repair in Action

Posted by Venay Sehgal Bhatia on Jan 18, 2017

Quick-Lock point repair sleeves can address infiltration and infiltration (I&I), roots, cracks, separations and other damage in sewer lines.

This trenchless, mechanical pipe rehab solution is easy to set up. A two-person crew can complete installation in minutes, with minimal overhead cost. Inserted by any brand or model of sewer crawler, the sleeve is expanded pneumatically to fit the exact shape and size of the host pipe. A rubber gasket seals out infiltration, and the heavy-gauge 316L stainless steel sleeve restores the pipe’s structural integrity.

Quick-Lock installation is 100% trenchless and allows system operators and contractors to avoid the disruption and expense of digging up and rehabbing lines. And because it is mechanical, there are no disruptive smells or chemical contamination risks to groundwater or flow. Sleeves can be inserted during light flow, so no service disruptions are required.

The pipe shown in this video stopped gushing infiltration with Quick-Lock. Compare the before and after footage to see the dramatic impact—and smooth transformation—achieved by this trenchless rehab method.

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