Get the Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers (PASS) Infographic

Posted by Venay Sehgal Bhatia on Jul 31, 2015


Recently, we published a white paper outlining our Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers (PASS), which can cut assessment costs 34% and boost productivity 17%. Now, a new infographic is available to help you comprehend the value of the PASS workflow and communicate it to your team. 

PASS divides sewer assessment into three phases:

1) Zoom camera survey to see if the pipe needs further inspection.
2) Video nozzle for post-cleaning assessment.
3) CCTV crawler only for pipes that need a thorough inspection.

With this phased approach, you can focus attention and resources on the pipes that need it most. This infographic illustrates step-by step how each phase results in productivity gains and cost savings.

View Infographic


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