National Works, Inc. Starts a New Chapter With ROVVER X

Posted by Jordan Fues on Nov 21, 2022

“It’s hard for a company like us to switch to something new. Even though we were starting to get a little frustrated with our previous equipment provider, it was difficult to start making a transition to a whole other system.”

Change is always hard, and nowhere is that more true than in the wastewater industry. John Lande is one of the owners of National Works, Inc. (NWI), a sewer service company specializing in no-dig technologies. About a year ago, the Luling, TX-based contractor was experiencing issues with its inspection equipment. National Works, Inc.

“We’d been using the same equipment provider for over 20 years, and were starting to have trouble servicing our crawlers,” Lande explains. “We really saw a decline in availability and accessibility in equipment. But once you’ve got several camera trucks and crews from the same brand, it’s hard to switch to something new.”

At the beginning of 2022, NWI took a leap of faith and purchased a ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler unit. The contractor was so pleased with the crawler that it invested in a second unit just one month later.

“My guys are really happy with the new equipment,” Lande reports. And as it turns out, “The learning curve with it was pretty short and quick.” 

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

ROVVER X Sewer Inspection Crawler

Today, the contractor is using their ROVVERs “day in and day out,” and its operators are noticing some major differences. They’ve learned that when it comes to CCTV crawlers, bigger does not always mean better. 

ROVVER’s reel “has a much smaller footprint in our trucks than our old crawler’s did, so there’s a lot more space and maneuverability for our guys to work,” Lande says. “And our operators have been really happy with ROVVER’s maneuverability inside lines. The system’s also easier to set up in our trucks since it’s more compact than what we’re used to.” 

Reduced downtime and ease-of-use have been other major benefits of the new crawlers thus far. 

Lande explains, “The operators love the ease of switching out wheels in the field. If we’re on a job, particularly at a subdivision, it’s really quick and easy for our guys to switch out wheels—there’s not a lot of downtime.”

Dependable, convenient service has been the cherry on top of NWI’s experience. 

“Having a local service presence with Green Equipment has been a very compelling thing for us. Knowing that our local rep is a phone call away and can help troubleshoot with us onsite has been a huge add in value,” Lande says. “While we’re still getting experience under our belt with ROVVER X we’ve only got nice things to say, and we’ve been very impressed with Envirosight and Derek Dickens [our sales rep at Green Equipment].”

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