Meet Our New Brand

Posted by Anna Barram on Dec 22, 2020

In the last several weeks, we’ve taken the first steps to launch a new brand: a logo, aesthetic and voice that nod to the progress we’ve made as a company and embody our vision for the future. The milestones and roadblocks that made us who we are today have helped pave the road ahead.

Nearly 20 years ago, Envirosight set off with just 3 employees, a rented room and the support of some crucial sales and supplier partners. At the time, we could barely imagine what the next 6 months would look like. We certainly couldn’t have seen ourselves now, with 150 employees across our four companies and ascending to the top position in the sewer inspection technology market. Whether scaling to support periods of rapid growth, or envisioning creative ways to connect with our customers—our team has time and again rallied together to make progress in profound ways.


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Building a brand that represents both our past and our future, and serves as a rallying point for our shared values, was no small task. It needs to be bigger than the products we manufacture, representing the people behind our company and the customers we serve.

The updated Envirosight logo is the most visible aspect of this brand, but it’s just one step in a long journey. Behind it is a visual language and messaging strategy crafted to align with your experiences with Envirosight, and to reflect the values of our customers, partners and team.

Logo Image

We’re excited to continue rolling out our new brand as we start the new year. Stay tuned for some additional developments as we move forward. And as always, thank you for your continued support of our team and company. Cheers to 2021!

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