Let ROVVER X with Integral Lift Elevate Your Inspection Game

Posted by Jordan Fues on Apr 11, 2022

Integral Lift Simplifies ROVVER X Adjustments

ROVVER X with Lift

When you’re confronted with the unexpected underground, things can quickly take a turn for the worst. Our new ROVVER X crawler with integral lift easily factors in the unknowns of sewer assessment, supporting a more fluid and efficient inspection process. 

Time To Spare

Pulling a crawler out of a line just to adjust its height wastes time and energy. With the integral lift, you can remotely modify ROVVER X’s camera position, saving you time and making your workflows run more smoothly. It empowers operators to tackle common sewer inspection challenges such as

  • Excess water in the belly of a pipe
  • Roots, debris and other blockages
  • Heavy flow
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New and Improved

Like the classic model, ROVVER X with lift can adapt to inspect lines from 6” in diameter up to 96” in diameter. Adjusting the crawler’s forward-facing camera to your desired height is easy. Simply toggle the “elevator” button on your VC500 controller or desktop command center to raise or lower the lift.

ROVVER X with lift offers 6-wheel drive and can be customized using 12 wheels of different sizes and treads. It is also compatible with the laser profiling attachment, side-scanning camera and the rest of our quick-change accessories.

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