How We Increased Efficiency in Our Sewer Cleaning Program

Posted by Jordan Fues on Aug 5, 2022

Without the proper insight into system condition, sewer cleaning can lead to a big waste of time, money and water. Rugged, easy-to-use inspection technologies help wastewater pros eliminate guesswork, select the right nozzle for the job, and focus their cleaning efforts where it matters most. Read on to learn how sewer cleaning programs across North America benefit from inspection capabilities.

The Right Tool for the JobWichita Stormwater Utility Division

In 2018, the City of Wichita’s Stormwater Utility Division invested in four Quickview airHD zoom assessment cameras and immediately noticed an uptick in efficiency. 

“Those trucks used to go out to a section of town and run every line, because you couldn’t tell if they were dirty or not,” said Darrin Deutscher, general supervisor II for the Division. “Now we do about a third of the cleaning—only the ones that need it.”

The inspection footage captured by Quickview helps the cleaning crew better utilize their available resources. With Quickview in their corner, the crew has the knowledge to concentrate time and energy where it counts.

The First Line of Defense

Zoom assessment is at the heart of the City of Red Deer, Alberta’s sewer cleaning program. The wastewater maintenance crew uses their Quickview zoom camera as the first step in determining pipe condition.

City of Red Deer

With Quickview, “We can quickly assess whether the problems within the lines are due to debris, roots or encrustation, and figure out which nozzle will best work when cleaning the line,” says Ryan Engler, environmental operations foreman for the City. 

This initial assessment enables the crew to clean lines more effectively and to better allocate resources to problem areas.

A Big Equipment Upgrade

The Uxbridge, MA Department of Public Works’ aging equipment was hindering the crew’s cleaning workflows. When lines required cleaning, they had to guess which nozzle would get the job done. To level up their inspection game, the crew purchased the Jetscan video nozzle. With Jetscan, they were finally able to get clear insights into sewer condition.

“We run the Jetscan up the line and when we feel it hit something we can bring it back and see what it is,” says Jim Legg, wastewater operations supervisor for the Department. “Then we pick the best nozzle for the challenge.”

These cleaning programs thrived once these municipalities were well-equipped to face the wastewater hazards thrown their way. With fresh tools in their toolbox, they were able to gather essential insights that informed faster cleaning workflows and more prudent resource allocation.


The Quickview airHD zoom assessment camera is your solution for quick, easy and affordable sewer insights. Find out how Quickview can revolutionize your cleaning workflow today.

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