How Smart Crawlers Use CANbus to Enhance Sewer Inspection

Posted by Nicole Lygo on Mar 13, 2017

canbus.jpgAs technology advances, everything around us gets smarter, from refrigerators that can text you a picture of their contents to alarm clocks that track your sleep cycles to wake you up at the perfect time. Sewer inspection crawlers are getting smarter too, using digital technologies like CANbus to extend their capabilities, deliver greater intelligence and functionality, consume fewer resources, and allow for a more customizable, upgradeable sewer inspection system.

Traditionally, sewer inspection crawlers were designed to perform one task in a limited range of environments. Adding capability meant adding an entirely new system, whether it be for large-diameter CCTV,  side-scanning, laser profiling or lateral launch. A smart crawler is different; it has plug-and-play components so you can add functionality to the core system as your needs evolve. Want to perform side-scanning? Simply attach the appropriate component(s). This lowers the investment needed to acquire new capabilities and cuts down on the equipment clutter that comes from having multiple single-purpose crawler systems, each with their own cable reel and controller.

Smart crawlers bring more than just plug-and-play functionality to sewer inspection. To find out more about the benefits that CANbus brings to a sewer inspection crawler and how it works, download our new white paper, “The Rise of Smart Crawlers.”

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