How ROVVER X’s Versatility Has Helped Arold Construction Build

Posted by Allison Symonds on Mar 21, 2022

Arold Construction has been building and rehabilitating infrastructure for nearly 50 years. With 65 employees across trenchless, civil, and water and wastewater services, its team tackles everything from cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining to bridge construction.

ROVVER X Truck AroldAnd over the years, pipe assessment has become a significant part of their work. “We do everything from design to post-rehab inspections–whatever they require,” says Ryan Arold, vice president and co-owner. With a degree in civil engineering, he combines his knowledge and experience with the skills of trusted equipment operators to provide valuable insight for Arold’s customers. “Sometimes we’re working for owners, sometimes we’re consultants for engineers, helping with the design of a project. We provide expertise, explaining what they can and can’t do for rehab.”

Arold Construction operates across a large swath of the Northeastern United States, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont. And while most of its customers are government agencies and municipalities, it also supports private and industrial clients.

ROVVER X Controls Arold

Why Reliable, Versatile Inspection Equipment Makes a Difference

To keep up, the company operates six ROVVER X inspection crawler systems. With such a range of services, the company values one feature of its ROVVER Xs in particular: “The biggest plus is that they’re very versatile,” explains Arold. “We frequently take them out of our vans and put them in UTVs to transport to areas we can’t get to otherwise. Or we’ll take them out when a vehicle is down and put them in a pickup truck…. It’s pretty much the only system that is so easy to move, one guy can take all three components, pick them up and transport them by himself, and we can still inspect pipe from 6” to 72”+ diameter.”

They’ve even taken a ROVVER X on a boat before. His team was tasked with inspecting an outlet at the DeRuyter Dam in upstate New York. After driving to the site, “we put it on a boat and transported it to the outlet end that was in a remote area. From there we offloaded it from the boat to do an inspection.”

In addition to the crawlers, the company owns a Verisight Pro+ drain camera for small projects. “We originally bought an off-brand push camera,” Arold recalls, “and we went through two of them.” Then they invested in a Verisight. “The Envirosight one was much more expensive, but it’s lasted a lot longer. In the end it really hasn’t cost more.”

A True Inspection Partnership

ROVVER X Crane AroldArold Construction has a long history with Envirosight, originally operating a Supervision. The company has built a unique bond with Envirosight’s internal support team over the years: Though they buy through Joe Johnson Equipment, Envirosight’s exclusive sales partner in the region, Arold’s proximity to New Jersey headquarters means its pros also work closely with Envirosight’s team for service and support. Together, JJE and Envirosight have been able to provide an easy, cost-effective solution for the customer.

And Arold is happy to stick with the brand. “Everyone has been knocking on my door to get me to buy their system, but I don’t see why [I would change],” he explains. His team has found that ROVVER X–and the company’s partnership with Envirosight–is simply “a lot better” than what anyone else in the industry has to offer.


Arold Construction depends on ROVVER X to provide a versatile, mobile inspection solution for a range of construction and rehab projects. The system's compact design travels in any vehicle and runs off your choice of generator (gas or diesel), inverter with battery, or engine PTO. Schedule a demo with one of our pros to learn more:

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