Finding the Right Sewer Video Inspection Equipment for Your Project

Posted by Jordan Fues on Jun 28, 2022

When it comes to finding the right sewer video inspection equipment for your projects, there are several things you should ask yourself: 

  • What is the scope of my project? 
  • What kind of access do I have to the line being inspected? 
  • What size pipe will I be working with? 

Different cameras have different capabilities and benefits, so these questions will help you narrow down your options and choose the best inspection camera for the job. 

Choosing the Right Inspection Equipment

You should look for equipment that will fit your requirements in regards to inspection detail and cost. What level of zoom and detail is sufficient for you to get the information you need? In addition to the initial sales price, annual maintenance costs can take a toll if you aren’t ready for them. Ask about warranty details, after-sales support and estimated maintenance costs before you purchase any sewer video inspection equipment.

Consider also the types of job you’ll be working, and whether the camera can meet the needs of future projects. How important is versatility–the ability to inspect in a range of pipe sizes and conditions? Being able to use your equipment for more than one kind of assessment saves resources and time. The assessment equipment that best suits your project will combine your ideal cost, level of detail and flexibility.

Common Types of Sewer Video Inspection Equipment 


Sewer inspection crawlers navigate through sewers to provide operators with a view of pipe condition. 

Sewer Inspection Crawler Equipment

A crawler’s camera can give operators a detailed view of pipe walls. While these crawlers deliver up-close inspection footage, they may be more costly and require more specialized skills to operate than other kinds of inspection gear. Additionally, crawler inspections go more smoothly when pipes have been cleaned beforehand.

Lateral Launch Crawler Equipment System


Lateral launch crawler systems are crawlers with a secondary camera that is propelled into a lateral from an adjoining mainline. With lateral launch abilities, laterals can be inspected directly from mainlines, no residential access required.

Pole Camera Inspection Equipment

Pole Cameras

Zoom assessment cameras inspect sewers using a camera with long-range zoom optics and powerful lights mounted at the end of a pole. Unlike crawlers, zoom cameras don’t enter into pipes. Instead, they are lowered into a manhole or other access point for use. This technology is usually more affordable than CCTV crawler inspection and is extremely portable, making setup and assessment a breeze. However, it doesn’t deliver as detailed footage as crawler inspection does, and only works in straight, larger diameter pipes.


Push Cameras

Push Camera Inspection Equipment

Push cameras are small camera heads mounted on semi-rigid rods that coil up on portable reels. These cameras are manually pushed through small-diameter lines, such as laterals, cleanouts and drain lines, to capture video footage. While push cameras are fast and affordable to operate, they do not function well in larger lines and have a shorter reach than other types of inspection equipment.

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