Our Guide to: Cross Bore Prevention and Detection

Posted by Nicole Lygo on May 16, 2017

Cross Bore, Compliance EnvirosystemsGas line cross bores are a huge danger lurking underground. With the popularity of trenchless construction methods and the prevalence of legacy cross bores, locating and eliminating them is critical to preventing potentially deadly explosions. Full lateral inspections using a lateral launch crawler are advised where legacy cross bores are a risk, and wherever new HDD gas line installation is completed. Learn about preventing, detecting and repairing cross bores with this curated selection of expert articles:

The ROVVER X SAT lets you inspect laterals from a mainline, ideal for finding dangerous gas line cross bores and illicit flows. The system integrates with your existing ROVVER X system components, reducing cost and equipment clutter. Best of all, ROVVER X SAT gives you the range and articulation to inspect where other lateral launch systems can’t. Schedule a FREE on-site demo to learn more about ROVVER X SAT:

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*Cross bore photo from Compliance Envirosystems. CES brings accuracy and skill in finding, resolving, and preventing cross bores. In fact, CES participated in developing the Specification Guideline for Cross Bore Prevention & Detection by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies. Visit https://www.ces-sses.com/services/cross-bore-locating/crossbore-locating/ to learn more.

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