Keep Your Crawler Rolling with Regular Cleaning

Posted by Nicole Lygo on Dec 5, 2016

logbook1.jpgPurchasing a sewer crawler is a big investment but maintaining one can also be just as expensive if you ignore regular cleaning and maintenance. We’ve all been there; after a long day of work, you just don’t have the energy left to give your crawler the full, owner’s manual-approved cleaning. You reel in your cable, wipe down the crawler and stow it away. It’s not a problem the first time you do it, or even the second time. The problem is when it becomes a habit. Then sewer muck starts rotting away seals, and the crawler stops pressurizing. Now you’ve got operators sitting on their hands when they need to be working.

The best way to ensure your sewer inspection crawler stays working when you need it is regular cleaning and maintenance. To simplify the maintenance process, we created a free Crawler Maintenance Logbook. This logbook is suitable for all brands of sewer crawler and makes it easy to track damage for future reference, log who cleaned the crawler and when, and ensure that all necessary cleaning and maintenance gets done. Our logbook features a clear, day-by-day checklist and space to list any damage you find, making it simpler to track changes with your crawler and determine when preventative service is needed.

Eventually, your sewer inspection crawler will need service of some kind; they get a beating in the sewer and that takes it’s toll. Don’t let service costs break the bank; performing regular maintenance only takes 10 minutes a day and keeps your crawler moving and your team working.  

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