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Consider Community Needs Before Completing Maintenance Work

Posted by Olivia Singer on Jul 8, 2019

When choosing between outsourcing collection system maintenance or completing the job in-house, it’s important to consider how the cost and timeliness of the work could impact the community.


Hiring a contractor to complete inspection and rehab work that could be done with resources already in place uses funds that may be applied elsewhere in the community. At the same time, opting to handle work in-house can result in unexpected equipment costs and additional time to complete projects. 

Being aware of the advantages and disadvantages that come with both options is a crucial first step in collection system maintenance. Which option is more cost effective for your project? How will the timing compare? Are the resources already in place, or will you need to add personnel or purchase equipment?

Envirosight’s new white paper, In-house or Out: Deciding When to Outsource Collection System Maintenance, can help you make a decision for your community. It includes an in-depth breakdown of the options, as well as a flowchart to guide system operators making a potentially costly decision.

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