ROVVER X Sewer Crawler Cable Retermination Training

Posted by Venay Sehgal Bhatia on Sep 2, 2016

A crawler exerts a lot of force pulling its cable through sewers, and the section right behind the connector takes the brunt of that strain. Over time, the constant twisting and bending will cause the conductors inside the cable to fray and separate. When this happens, the crawler can become non-responsive, or experience intermittent power or video.

Cable retermination is a fact of life with any crawler. But because the ROVVER X uses advanced digital communications, it has only six conductors to worry about. This makes retermination simple enough for an operator to perform on site—instead of shipping the system out for repair and enduring down time.

To learn how to reterminate your own crawler cable, get FREE training at your regional Envirosight service center.


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