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Automated Inspection of Any Manhole

Posted by Olivia Singer on Apr 21, 2020

For inspecting manholes, CleverScan is the one system that's fully automated, standards compatible, and more productive, portable and value-driven than any other. CleverScan gives operators the ability to inspect up to 30 manholes/day.CleverScan

Using five HD cameras and laser measurement, it captures and presents

  • A detailed 360 deg image scan
  • A high-res 3D point cloud
  • Multiple virtual and schematic views

CleverScan sits over an open manhole. With the press of a button, the system’s probe descends into the manhole, capturing image data using five HD cameras and building a dimensional profile using an array of four lasers. An onboard rangefinder controls descent and determines when the scan is complete. Scan data is immediately transferred to a laptop running CleverScan software, where it can be viewed, annotated and shared.

CleverScan is small enough to travel in a pickup truck or car and can be hand-carried to remote access points.

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