Aim and Launch Into Laterals With ROVVER X SAT II

Posted by Jordan Fues on Feb 15, 2022

Lateral launch doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, there’s no real reason why aiming and launching a camera from one pipe to another should require sharpshooter skill. The technology is out there–it’s just a question of putting it to work. 

ROVVER X SAT II Lateral Launch With Extension Tubes

ROVVER X SAT II’s combination of precision and strength makes it possible to launch up to 147’ from more pipe sizes, configurations and conditions than ever before.

Keep Your Eyes On the Pipe

Want to launch at challenging angles from mainlines of different diameters? ROVVER X SAT II is built with several features to tackle even the most difficult underground infrastructure. The system comes with a launch chute and extension tubes of varying lengths that make it easy to reconfigure ROVVER X SAT II to launch from differently sized mains.

The standard launch tube is suitable for launching from smaller mainlines 6-8” in diameter. For working in mains over 10” in diameter, a specialty launch tube is available that accepts pipe extensions via a twist collar, lifting the aiming camera up to a suitable height in mainlines as large as 80” in diameter.

Whichever launch tube is used, it is articulated by a powerful 2-axis launch mechanism capable of precisely positioning the camera at the angle and height the incoming lateral requires. And even in large lines with long extension tubes, the mechanism has the precision to target challenging launch positions with pinpoint accuracy.   

ROVVER X SAT II Lateral Launch Sewer Inspection

Configure, Aim, Launch

Each of ROVVER X SAT II’s three cameras serves a different purpose.

  • With a five megapixel imager and 130-degree field-of-view, the aiming camera enables operators to position the launch chute into place for launch. As with all ROVVER X SAT II cameras, the aiming camera has built-in illumination for superior visibility. 
  • The launch camera head captures detailed footage as it’s pushed through laterals, providing comprehensive insights on pipe condition. It also serves as the primary camera for the crawler as it moves through mainlines.
  • The rear-facing camera assists with cable management during reverse crawl.

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