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WWETT 2017 Highlights

Posted by Nicole Lygo on Mar 2, 2017
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Thank you for visiting Envirosight and Pipeline Renewal Technologies at WWETT 2017. Here's a recap of all the new and noteworthy products.

CleverScan Manhole Scanning Camera

Manhole Inspection, Fully Automated

With 5 HD cameras and a laser array, CleverScan takes 2-3 minutes to create:

  • A flat scan with detailed imagery,
  • A point cloud for 3D visualization and CAD export, and
  • A virtual environment for offline pan/tilt navigation.
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Quick-Lock Sewer Point Repair

Fix Failing Pipes Yourself

Quick-Lock is a durable point repair sleeve you install with your CCTV crawler. It provides long-lasting structural support with heavy-gauge stainless steel, and stops infiltration with a one-piece rubber gasket. For standalone point repair, or for pre-lining under high infiltration, Quick-Lock sleeves restore pipe integrity.

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ROVVER X sewer inspection camera

A Sewer Crawler to Grow with Your Needs

With its modular design, ROVVER X is the one crawler system that makes inspecting sewers simple for beginners, while delivering the capability and productivity big cities demand.

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Quickview Zoom Inspection Camera

An Instant, Wireless View into Any Sewer

Quickview airHD uses high-powered zoom optics to assess sewer lines from an adjoining manhole. It's ideal for:

  • Emergency call-outs,
  • Avoiding confined space entry,
  • Conserving CCTV resources,
  • Rapid, system-wide assessment,
  • Prioritizing CCTV, cleaning and rehab activities, and
  • Viewing severely deteriorated pipe.

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Verisight Pro Push Camera

A Push Camera That Delivers Even More

The Verisight Pro now brings enhanced features at the same cost:

  • Interchangeable design for quick swapping of axial and pan/tilt cameras,
  • Ultra-bright 8" screen, and
  • Joystick controls for intuitive panning and tilting.

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About Envirosight

Envirosight provides video pipeline inspection solutions to municipalities, contractors, departments of transportation, and civil/environmental engineers. Envirosight is committed to ongoing innovation, delivering products that enhance user productivity and inspection detail. Envirosight serves customers through a trained network of regional sales partners who deliver localized support and expertise with rapid turnaround. 

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