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The ROVVER X Lives Up to the Challenge

Posted by Envirosight on Aug 10, 2018

Sewer inspection crawlers must be built tough to withstand the punishing world of underground pipelines. From moisture and gases within pipes to protruding obstructions, offsets and inclines, the list of obstacles is long. So how does ROVVER X succeed under adverse conditions? Its design does away with clunky parts and utilizes modular components to adapt to any challenge. The result is an extremely maneuverable crawler armed with 6-wheel drive to help it navigate various pipe terrain.

While the 2x4 course isn’t identical to the challenges the ROVVER X typically encounters, it mimics debris and offsets. With just an 8-inch wheel setup, the crawler climbs forwards and back with ease. Without the burden of heavy cables or a cumbersome, unintegrated strain relief, the crawler encounters minimal drag. Ultimately, a crawler that’s able to traverse rugged terrain and tight spaces will complete a greater percentage of inspections.

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