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Size It Up: ROVVER X's Advanced Measurement Capabilities

Posted by Venay Sehgal Bhatia on Apr 20, 2016

The ROVVER X inspection crawler is built on a sophisticated digital platform, one that offers software-based features other crawlers simply cannot. One such feature is ROVVER X’s advanced measurement capabilities. This suite of measurement tools comes standard with all ROVVER X systems, and employs adjustable screen overlays to calculate pipe diameter, bend, and offset, as well as flow level and lateral angle/diameter. These tools greatly expand the scope of information that can be collected during an inspection.


Cracks: Measure cracks and other visible features on a pipe wall.


Water Level: Determine the depth of water in the pipe.


Bends: Measure radius, angle and rotation of pipe bends.


Branches: Measure diameter, angle, rotation, and distance within a main of a lateral.


Pipe wall features: Measure features located on a pipe wall, including deposits, depressions and longitudinal cracks.


Cross-section objects: Measure objects obstructing the pipe’s cross section—such as tree roots and debris.


In addition to these overlay-based measurement capabilities, the ROVVER X’s camera head is able to project laser reference dots two inches apart. When looking sideways at a pipe wall (or any other surface perpendicular to the camera’s viewing axis), these dots can be used to calibrate the pendant software for accurate measurement of any defect in the camera’s field of view.

The measurement functions described here can be used to enhance inspection reports. Crawler operators can quantify findings and minimize guess work—all while getting detailed information about the pipe’s structure, blockages, and defects.

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