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Our Winter 2018 Reading List

Posted by Nicole Lygo on Dec 20, 2017

In case you missed out, here's a round-up of our favorite content from the past year. Check out our white papers, worksheets and webinars to improve your workflow, save money, keep your crew safe and get more done.

Zoom into Cleaning

Zoom into Sewer Cleaning with Quickview airHDAttempting to clean sewers without seeing their condition firsthand can be wasteful and time-consuming. Pre- and post-cleaning video assessment helps ensure you clean only when necessary, and that your cleaning efforts are successful.

In this white paper, we discuss the benefits of using zoom assessment technology to understand pipe condition pre- and post-jetting. These benefits include conserving CCTV crawler resources, time and cost savings, improved safety, ease of documentation and convenience.

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Sewer Maintenance 101

Sewer Maintenance 101: A Quick and Dirty Guide to Inspection and Upkeep

Know someone new to the sewer industry? Help them get up to speed quickly. Our FREE Sewer Maintenance 101: A Quick and Dirty Guide to Sewer Inspection and Upkeep provides a comprehensive overview of collection system components, safety considerations, best practices, terminology, and technologies for inspection, cleaning and repair.

It's ideal as a training manual, either for self-guided study or as part of supervised coursework.

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Side-Scan Sewer Inspection Comes of Age

Side-Scan Sewer Inspection with Envirosight's DigisewerCCTV inspection footage can take a long time to collect and even longer to review and analyze. With diminishing time and money available to maintain sewers, municipalities must embrace new technologies that enable rapid assessment. Side-scanning returns a flat digital image of the interior of pipes, allowing the entire pipe to be viewed at once.

In this white paper, we discuss the merits of side-scanning technology and the ways in which it can make municipal pipe inspection more efficient and cost-effective. In addition, we provide a guide to choosing a side-scanning system.

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The Rise of Smart Crawlers

Smart Crawlers with CANbusThe past decade has seen smart technologies proliferate across a variety of products. Now, smart crawlers are helping make sewer inspection more productive, adaptable and reliable by implementing CANbus, a flexible digital control architecture already used in automobiles and aircraft.

In this FREE white paper, we detail the benefits that smart crawlers using CANbus provide.

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Deciding Between Spot Repair and End-to-End Rehab Methods

Deciding Between Spot Repair and End-to-End MethodsMaintaining a collection system is complicated, requiring operators to balance available resources with the needs of the system, particularly when weighing localized rehab (spot repair) against comprehensive (end-to-end) alternatives.

In a new white paper, we detail the top considerations when choosing between the two, including I/I mitigation, treatment costs, planned upgrades, pervasiveness of damage, environmental factors, and upgrade schedules.

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Sewer Rehab Strategy Worksheet

Sewer Rehab Strategy WorksheetMany municipalities utilize end-to-end (manhole-to-manhole) sewer rehab methods by default, but this can waste time and money.

Our new Sewer Rehab Strategy Worksheet helps you make an informed decision between end-to-end rehab and spot (point) repair alternatives. It presents major considerations as a series of yes-no questions and offers a quick, clear way to turn your answers into an action plan.

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From Our Friends at WinCan

Store Your Sewer Inspection Data in the Cloud with WinCan WebStoring your data in the cloud makes that data more accessible and reliable, allowing operators, supervisors and engineers to work more efficiently. Additionally, cloud-based hosting significantly lowers both server costs and security risks.

In their white paper, WinCan discusses these benefits and others, laying out why sewer inspection data belongs in the cloud.

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Watch Our Recorded Webinar on PASS


Our free webinar, Making Smarter Sewer Decisions: An Introduction to PASS, was live December 13, but we saved it for you. The recorded webinar includes the slides that were presented and a Q&A session.

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