Tips for Growing Your Contracting Business in 2021

Posted by Olivia Singer on Jan 11, 2021 7:38:00 AM

After a year of uncertainty for many industries, it’s important to be prepared for 2021. If you’re strategizing ways for your wastewater contracting business to continue to grow and succeed in the new year, here are some tips for your company.

Bid on Government Contracts PRT Municipal Contracting White Paper

Municipal budgets have taken a hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this has resulted in measures like hiring freezes and a hold on replacing any end-of-life equipment, essential work still needs to be done. 

Municipalities will continue relying on contractors for more of their wastewater system’s rehabilitation needs. If you’re looking for more work in 2021, bidding on government contracts is a good place to start. Download our free guide, Growing with the Government: A Guide to Bidding on and Winning Government Contracts to get started: 

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Rent or Lease Equipment

PRT Equipment Rentals

If you’re hoping to bid on work that requires sewer rehab equipment you don’t have, renting or leasing is a great solution. Every piece of equipment available for purchase at PRT is also available for rent. And our lease-to-own program gives customers the opportunity to rent for 1-3 months with 90% of the rental fee applied toward the purchase if they decide to purchase after the first month, 60% after the second month, and 40% after the third.

Renting or leasing allows you to expand your capabilities by accessing high-quality equipment immediately—whether you’re seeking an entirely new product or need additional tools for the job—without making a purchase commitment just yet. Get started today:Learn More

Strengthen Your Online Presence

How accessible are you to new, potential customers? Maintaining a strong online presence is key to any business growth plans for 2021. 

Mobile-friendly Website Test

According to Google Ads, there are more than 1.7 million online searches per month for contractors. Searches are an easy way for potential customers to learn about you, but a messy or lackluster online presence can deter leads. Keep your company’s website up-to-date with the services you offer and current contact information so you’re easier to find. 

And with more internet searches taking place on smartphones than computers today, it’s also imperative your website is set up for mobile users.

“...80 percent of internet users own smartphones, so having a mobile-friendly online presence is equally important–especially considering that 82 percent of smartphone users use search engines to find local businesses,” according to Coastline Marketing Group. 

Check out this free testing tool from Google if you aren’t sure whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, as well as these tips to make your website more inviting for mobile users.

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