A Look Back at WWETT 2019

Posted by Nicole Lygo on Feb 28, 2019 7:18:00 AM

Pipeline Renewal Technologies was at WWETT 2019 with some exciting new products. A big thank you to everyone who stopped by to check them out.

If you couldn't make the show, here's what was featured:


LED-based UV Curing for CIPP

UV relining has made sewer rehab faster, easier to control, and free of styrene, mixing and pot life constraints. Now, SpeedyLight+ combines LED UV technology with proprietary cooling to offer additional benefits:

  • Compatibility with felt (for relining through bends) and fiberglass
  • Up to 3 times faster
  • Up to 2 times more power efficient

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Clean and Inspect in a Single Pass with DrainSteer

Using powerful water jets for propulsion and steering, DrainSteer maneuvers around obstacles and through wyes as it inspects and cleans drain lines. It traverses multiple bends in lines as small as 2".

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Small-diameter IMS cutters

Powerful Cutting in Tight Spaces

Small-diameter IMS cutters provide powerful air-driven cutting and milling capability in drain lines. With automated inchworm-style movement, extended range and multiple axes of articulation, these cutters deliver precision and productivity.

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Feel Confident in Your Cure

VeriCure provides peace of mind when installing CIPP. It monitors cure temperature continuously along a liner during installation, ensuring no area goes undercooked, while saving the time and expense associated with over-cooking.

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Expedite Point Repair with Quick-Lock

Target failing pipes with a stainless rehab sleeve that installs in minutes. Positioned with a crawler and expanded pneumatically, Quick-Lock provides structural trenchless pipe repair with heavy-gauge stainless steel and targets infiltration with an EPDM rubber gasket.

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