Plumber Magazine Highlights PRT's Micro S Light+

Posted by Jordan Fues on Oct 15, 2021 1:43:27 PM

Plumber magazine recently featured the Micro S Light+ in a story following Norman Hostetler, a trenchless specialist at TCI Plumbing in Goodfield, Illinois. Hostetler explains how the Micro S Light+ has vastly improved his process for opening up branch lines after lateral relining. He notes that the system lets him cut reinstatement time in half.

Micro S Light+

“The Micro S speeds up reinstatements because it’s small enough to fit inside a 3-inch clean-out,” Hostetler says. “That allows us to reinstate branch lines from inside the liner instead of coming down the ‘backside’ by pulling toilets or going down other drains to gain access.”

On average, the Micro S Light+ enables Hostetler to “reinstate a service in about 15 minutes, compared to 30 to 40 minutes if we come in through the back side.” The system’s ability to open up lines from a single access point saves Hostetler time, energy and resources. The cutter’s efficiency also helps him offer competitive bids and keep overall lining costs low. It even lowers the risk of his crew running into problems in branch lines, such as discovering deteriorating lines or lines that require descaling.

“The Micro S helps us keep costs in line because you’re less likely to run into unexpected issues,” Hostetler notes. “If a reinstatement turns into a much bigger job and you already quoted the customer a price, you’re stuck. So this machine essentially helps protect our bids.”

Read more about Hostetler’s experience to learn how the Micro S Light+ can save your crew time and money.


Well-suited for 3”-9” pipes, the Micro S Light+ system includes a handcart, complete with a hose reel and a 10” LCD monitor. The cutter itself features LED lights and an integrated camera head. Despite its size, the cutter packs a punch; its air-powered motor is on par with those of larger cutters. The compact system performs horizontal and vertical work and can easily snake through multiple bends in lined pipes. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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