How to Find Government Wastewater Contract Opportunities

Posted by Allison Symonds on Aug 11, 2020 5:08:22 PM

Wastewater Contract WorkWastewater operators turn to contractors for a variety of reasons—they may need limited or specialized services, lack the staff, resources or equipment for a project, or have unique budget restrictions. The result is that contractors are an essential part of ensuring that Americans have safe, efficient and affordable utilities in their communities. And with budgets in flux and America’s infrastructure in decay, there’s no end to the opportunities available for wastewater rehab, inspection and maintenance businesses. Small contractors hoping to get into the game just need to know where to look.

How to Find Government Contract Opportunities

Many growing contractors are unsure where and how to find government opportunities. To simplify the process, they often rely on aggregators: free or paid services, both public and private, that collect and organize government solicitations.

Though they often include many of the same solicitations, aggregators vary in ease of use and services offered. Paid, private aggregators generally offer more capabilities, such as customized alerts for opportunities that meet your requirements. Public aggregators operate more like search engines for solicitations. It may require more work to narrow down results, but the platforms are free and usually straightforward to use.

In addition, regional governments—states, counties and cities—often publish solicitations on their own websites. These are usually less organized than aggregator sites but can be helpful to identify options in your immediate area, or to track down specific solicitations. The Small Business Administration also may be able to help guide you to solicitation lists for different states.

Government Contracting Solicitation Aggregators

The following list includes some popular resources for government contract solicitations. There are many aggregators; Pipeline Renewal Technologies does not endorse the services of any specific bid aggregation service.

Public Aggregators

Private Aggregators

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